Letter to my 22 year old self / by Petra Sherbin Fox



YOU WILL MAKE IT. You'll end up way better than you ever could have imagined. But first, you will have to look deep within yourself. Stop wasting time with these NOTHING ASS MEN all because you don't want to be alone. Stop subjecting yourself to subpar treatment because you don't love yourself. You'll find all the strength you need when you make the decision that THIS WILL NOT BE MY LIFE! Stop playing with people's emotions all because you are unsure of your own. Nothing good will come of this. You are blocking your own blessing because you are saying you want better but not making the adjustments you need to be better! You rather be comfortable than go out on a limb and GROW. STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. When you start to pour into yourself such beautiful things will happen! Start loving yourself like you love others. Start taking care of yourself like you do others. Start complimenting yourself like you do others. Start motivating YOURSELF like you do others. Once you start to take care of YOU, you will receive all of the beautiful things life has to offer. 


You'll look back at this period of time as such a pivotal part of your life because this time will be such an intricate part of your story. You will inspire others with your journey. You'll be PROUD of the things you were once so ashamed of. You'll tell your story with such conviction, such emotion. Your lowest point in your life will one day be one of your proudest moments in your personal journey. Because you made it! And you have a life you could have never dreamed of.

Praying for you.

Supporting you.

Admiring you.

With much love & respect


Petra Sherbin-Fox - 28 years old