SoulBonding Trip to Trier / by Petra Sherbin Fox

Jayson and I finally got to spend a weekend of it being JUST US. Not only has the year and a half been filled with so many changes, we really didn't realize how needed this was until we were back home and in our normal routines.

We decided to visit Trier because of the history (the oldest city in Germany), it was only an hour away from home & someone WON the 2 night stay and they weren't able to go so they passed it along to us (THE BIGGEST PERK OF THEM ALL). 

Let me start this with, packing for us is ALWAYS CHAOS, while I like to plan and do things ahead of time (for the most part) Jayson is very much "let's just deal with things as they come" So here we are packing and scrambling last minute. Have to get Chance packed, Elijah is just throwing things in his bag & Jayson is telling me how ready he is standing in his boxers watching YouTube. Pardon me while I WOOSAAHH for a minute. Finally at 10pm we finally got it together and hit the road. Later to find out, Jayson forgot to pack his socks, lotion and wipes -_-. But that wasn't enough to stop our show!

We dropped the boys off with a friend and were on our way. This was a huge milestone because this would be the longest time I'd be away from Chance since he's been born. And I silently prayed that I'd still be able to enjoy the weekend despite my anxiety. Also, took a few mins to just sit and meditate and let those fears go. By the time we got to the hotel, we fell asleep before our heads even hit the pillow. But, Jayson had just enough time to express his unhappiness with the two twin size beds together, making a European Double size bed. And the two twin size comforters. I was just happy to be 5'3 at this moment and not 6'3. 

We got up early Saturday morning "played", got some breakfast, "played" again. Let me tell ya'll to not have to get up and cater to any children was like WOW! Didn't have to change a diaper, didn't have to cook breakfast, didn't have to rush to a practice, just got to enjoy these moments of togetherness & some quiet! Jayson game planned on the places we'd visit and I just sat back and watched his every move. You know all the things I began to forget that I absolutely adored about him because we are always moving at, what seems to be, 1000000 miles per minute. I love that he is so calm, I love that he takes charge is such a gentle manner, I love that his roughness is still so smooth and collected. I was able to take all of that in. And I felt to connected to him because of this. We walked, talked and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and weather. We ate at this burger joint called BurgerAMT that had Nas' face on the menu and Biggie on the walls. Made us feel right at home! By the time we got back to the hotel we were at such a connected space. We just sat and vibed for the rest of the night. We woke up Sunday morning REFRESHED even after losing an hour of sleep because of Daylight Savings. For me, that solidified the NEED of this trip. Especially since those who know me know, I like my sleep and waking me up normally is no easy task! And by Sunday woke up and were like ok now that we are GREAT, let's get home to our boys :)

We make sure to have a datenight at least once a month, usually twice a month, because dating is a must for us. But this trip was SOULBONDING. We went back to the basics. We spoke about our short term goals, long term goals, our expectations of each other, things that we liked and we didn't like, areas we feel we need to improve and enhance. No anger, just guidance. We took this time to guide each other and express ourselves in our calmest state. All the feedback given and received came from such a beautiful place. A place of just wanting to see each other at our best. A place of commitment to each others individual growth. A place of commitment to each other. A place of peace. A place of love. A place of admiration. A place of "I'm rocking with you like you're rocking with me, FOREVER"

I strongly suggest all couples take the time to SoulBond in any capacity you are able to. Because the solid foundation of family comes from US!

Enjoy some of the pics from the trip below.

SB- Our room number was 123- Chancelor's birthday. That was so cool!